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this shit crayy .

this shit crayy .

THIS SHIT IS REALLY CRAY . come fangirl with me into the OH-SO-MANY fandoms I have. I just mix the shit it like up. GIFs crack me up too. One Direction | 5SOS | Harry Potter | Little Mix | Ed Sheeran | The Hunger Games Trilogy | Percy Jackson | Youtubers | Lorien Legacies | TROYEblemakers


Since some of you were so lovely and adamant about it, here’s Part 2 to the AU: James Potter’s memory is modified by Death Eaters and joins Voldemort in which James’ memories are restored. (Part 1)

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Alfie’s comments on Zoe’s videos :)

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gaze (v.) -  look steadily and intently, esp. in admiration, surprise, or thought.

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2013 Favorites Challenge

↳ 13 Couples: Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes


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